Erika Gisela Abad Merced, Ph.D, is a Queer Latina scholar, writer and poet, born and raised in Chicago. I received my PhD in American Studies at Washington State University in 2012. Since completing her degree, I have worked as: a customer service associate and a scheduler at a phone interpreter call center, head counselor for a caddy program affiliated with a high school scholarship fund, field director for an education policy campaign, an oral historian and ethnographer. I’ve published essays, poems, fiction and scholarship all the while, for a full list of my work, go here. Since August 2016, I have been an assistant professor at University of Nevada Las Vegas’s Interdisciplinary, Gender and Ethnic Studies Department.

All work written here is Erika’s and represents only Erika’s perspectives and beliefs.

You can also follow me on @lionwanderer531; I engage with my students @prof_eabad.