Good Advice from Elizabeth Gilbert

These are the questions I constantly ask myself. In both academic and literary writing, these are the questions many of need to ask as we move our work along. I am grateful that I know some of the answers to these questions. I look forward to building up my work as the year progresses.
I also look forward to what Enszer produces next.

Julie R Enszer, PhD

The questions of who to trust, how to find people to trust, and how to save ourselves from the pain of trusting someone not worthy of trust remain important in my life. This weekend, I encountered a great article from Elizabeth Gilbert in Oprah Magazine. Gilbert writes:

I came up with four questions to help me decide who got to read my work when it was in its most vulnerable stages:

  • Do I trust this person’s taste and judgment?
  • Does this person understand what I’m trying to create here?
  • Does this person genuinely want me to succeed?
  • Is this person capable of delivering the truth to me in a sensitive and compassionate manner?

I will be returning to these four questions in 2017 thinking about how to find these people and how to be this kind of person this year and in years to come.

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